Someone recently asked me about creating cross-tabulations and contingency tables using pandas. I wrote a bit about this in October after implementing the pivot_table function for DataFrame. So I thought I would give a few more examples and show R code vs. the equivalent pandas code which will be helpful for those already used to the R way of doing things.

When calling help(xtabs) (or help(table)) in R, you get a number of examples for using table, xtabs, and ftable:

Here are the same examples using pandas:

One of the really great things about pandas is that the object produced is still a DataFrame (the R object is of a special class)! So we could do anything with it that we do with normal DataFrame objects:

Here is another fun example:

Here is the equivalent R code:

As soon as we add a formula framework to statsmodels I could see incorporating that into this kind of function in Python.