Don't sell on Amazon

Selling your stuff on Amazon is a losing game, and I don't recommend that you do it.

Thoughts on joining Cloudera

After some unanticipated media leaks (here and here), I was very excited to finally share that my team and I are joining Cloudera. You can find out all the concrete details in those articles, but I wanted to give a bit more intimate perspective on the move and what we see in the future inside Cloudera Engineering.

Strata NYC 2013 and PyData 2013 Talks

I was excited to be able to talk at two recent data-centric conferences in New York. They touch on some related subjects, with the PyData talk being a lot more technical and having to do with low-level architecture in pandas and engineering work I've been doing this year at DataPad.

PyCon Singapore 2013

I was graciously invited to give the keynote presentation at this year's PyCon Singapore. Luckily, I love to hack on long plane rides. See the slides from the talk below.

I'm moving to San Francisco. And hiring

PyCon and PyData 2013 were a blast this last week. Several people noted that my GitHub activity on pandas hasn't quite been the same lately and wondered if I was getting a little burned out. I'm happy to say quite the opposite; I'll still be involved with pandas development (though not the 80 hours/week of the last 2 years), but I'm starting an ambitious new data project that I'm looking forward to sharing later this year. This endeavor is also taking me from New York to San Francisco. I'm sad to be leaving the (vibrant and growing) New York data community, but also looking forward to spending more time with my data hacking friends in the Bay Area.

A new high performance, memory-efficient file parser engine for pandas

September 13, 2015: It's a few years later, so I remind you that most of this information is out of date!

TL;DR I've finally gotten around to building the high performance parser engine that pandas deserves. It hasn't been released yet (it's in a branch ...