Python for Data Analysis, 3E

About the Open Edition

The upcoming 3rd edition of Python for Data Analysis is available as an “Open Access” HTML version on this site in addition to the usual print and e-book formats. This is currently an Early Release version and will undergo further technical editing and copy-editing before going to print later in 2022. If you encounter any errata, please report them here.

In general, the content from this website may not be copied or reproduced. The code examples are MIT-licensed and can be found on GitHub or Gitee along with the supporting datasets.

If you find the online edition of the book useful, please consider pre-ordering a paper or e-book copy to support the author.

This web version of the book was created with the Quarto publishing system.

What’s New in the 3rd Edition?

The book has been updated for pandas 1.4.0 and Python 3.10. The changes between the 2nd and 3rd editions are focused on bringing the content up-to-date with changes in pandas since 2017.

Update History

This website will be updated periodically as new early release content becomes available, and post-publication for errata fixes.

  • May 18, 2022: Update open access edition with all chapters. Include edits from technical review feedback (thank you!), acknowledgements for the third edition, and other preparation to make the book ready for production on its way to print later in 2022.
  • February 13, 2022: Update open access edition with chapters 7 through 10.
  • January 23, 2022: First open access edition with chapters 1 through 6.